The Gridiron Pool 2018

WELCOME TO THE Gridiron Pool web site!

GPThe Gridiron Pool would like to thank you all for participating in 2017 season.  Welcome back veterans and new players. 

It was a great season with very competitive players and now it’s time for the 2018 Season Pool.

Its easy to register this year.  We’ll walk you through the process and get you ready to submit your weekly picks.

Then, simply go to the "SUBMIT" tab on the top of the browser and follow the instructions to make your selections.  NOTE:  READ the Rules !!!

Any questions, please contact Jeffster:

Also, feel free to forward this site to all your NFL friends since the more players we have, the more cash will be in the pot!


Don't be a loser!Number one rule in the Gridiron... Never Miss Your Picks!!! Second rule, refer to rule one.  Don't miss your picks or you will swim in the weekly toilet bowl.


2013 Rules - NOTE: As of 9/5/13 of the season, your picks for monday night games are due with your Sunday game picks !!!

GPThe rules have been altered over the years to fit what's best for the pool. Please make sure you are familiar with them and if you have any questions or suggestions please contact the administrators. We will be altering them for the new season, so come back soon.

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Need tips or tricks... too bad,  you're on your own. Pitt Wins!!!

If you have any suggestions to help your fellow Poolmeisters for next season feel free to keep them to yourself. Why would you want to help the competition, ya mook?



** Welcome to the 2018 Gridiron Pool!!! 

Get a sneak peek at the new Gridiron Pool website coming soon:



Amazon wins the 2017 Gridiron Pool.  A three way tie @ 11-5 for the final winner of Week 17.   

SmittenWithWhitten & DaddyG Tie @ 13-0 to receive the rare Shaman Award and split the Clams in Week 8... They made history, got the extra Clams, and joined the Gridiron Pool "Hall of Shame"   

The 2017 Season Pool has concluded. Please go to for the details.

Congratulations to Amazon for winning the 2017  Gridiron Pool - See the final standings here...


If you have any suggestions to enhance the experience please contact the admins at

Also, Contact for any questions or comments. The adrenalin is rushing and the field is green. Kill the pig and take it's skin!




Gridiron Pool TrophyFor over a decade we have honored many winners. Now the Gridiron Pool has a Trophy Plaque.

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